We designed and initiated an election project that educated over 1 million citizens

We used homegrown tech to help 3.3 million at risk from a devastating famine

We helped reform government communication

We upskilled nearly 3,000 journalists across Nigeria/W.Africa with frontier technologies

We helped design an Artificial Intelligence themed technology festival hosting over 3,000 people

We tracked and mapped a deadly conflict threatening the lives of over 5 million farmers in Nigeria


We are part of a multi-country partnership that is building a Data Hub to support and promote quality data-driven journalism and in turn, facilitate evidence-based decision-making about the COVID-19 pandemic across the continent

Data Repository

Mapped Data

Vaccine Tracker


We work with organizations to re-design their policy documents, research reports and presentations

A short Guide on Assets Declaration By Public Office Holders

Deep Dive On Corruption Cases Report 2020

Anti-corruption Performance Assessment Survey


We support journalists with resources to develop stories that address systemic problems — while also exploring their solutions. This provides a more complete view of society, reveals “hidden opportunities”, strengthens citizenship and bolsters other forms of journalism.
We collaborate with a publication called "Twentyten Daily (TD)" to publish our data. TD publishes all our statistical and visual analyses.