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Data Apps – Visualizers

We build stand-alone data visualization engines to allow organizations to easily combine, load, visualize and explore their internal data or external data. The engines securely provide users, partners, and other stakeholders with relevant insights into your organization’s ecosystem, activities, or research. It helps internal or external users make better decisions by embedding analytics insights right at the point of decision within other applications they use everyday.

Data Apps – Maps

Our maps allow you combine economic data with your own proprietary datasets, and Geospatial data to provide unique datadriven experiences and insights in real-time. You have granular control over what data types show up from which datasets, at different zoom levels, and for different points of interest. Customize the map style with your colors, icons, fonts, and brand marks. Control everything to make the most important info stand out

Static Data Reports

Our static reports allow organizations to create inclusive insights for non-technical users towards data-driven decisions. This is advantageous for enterprises seeking to serve users in areas with low internet connectivity data-driven insights with the intent to enhances knowledge sharing while deepening interest and engagement.

Other areas of collaboration