About Orodata


Orodata Science and Civic Tech combine data science, technology, design, and research to improve institutional reforms, foster media innovation, bolster health systems, and facilitate access to inclusive and rich data.

Our Vision

We empower people, institutions, and organizations at different levels with knowledge and information that leads to the development of solutions that impact the lives of millions. We support open-ended, novelty-driven explorations that improve the capacity of everyone – to forge real discoveries that trigger real outcomes and emancipatory changes.

Our focus areas include; Reinforcing Health Systems, Enabling Community Media, Ensuring Accurate and Inclusive Data, and Supporting Institutional Reforms.

Our vision is for a data-literate world where people and institutions tackle today’s and tomorrow’s multi-dimensional challenges with data. When we think of data, we think of changing lives, enabling people to prosper, and rebuilding communities.

Our Passion

Data has the power to improve society and transform institutions at the same time.

Our passion is about empowering people to forge sensible discoveries that create real change. For example, strengthening health systems through the support of community journalists to report on the status of their primary health centres and funds appropriated for rehabilitation of health systems in their jurisdiction.

Providing media with critical data knowledge and tools to improve reportage of developmental news. Or playing our part in tackling large-scale institutional problems like fiscal irresponsibility, gender inequality, poor service delivery, insecurity and more.

Our Mission

To employ frontier technologies to democratize information that leads to informed decision-making, policy change and development of life-changing solutions for society.

To make the world a better place by continuously improving access to information, and data literacy, and promoting the efficient use of data to break barriers, reduce inequality and improve systems.

We are assiduous about working alongside our partners and providing peerless support. We are connecting communities with technologies that connect data, people, and processes across departments and geographic boundaries. We are financially responsible and strong.

As part of our core values, we have deployed projects that actively uncover inequality, exploitation, and human rights abuse and currently investing in solutions that push back on the systems, language, and generational practices that keep underrepresented and disenfranchised communities at the status quo.

We are always all about people.

Technological advancement today enables institutions with tools and equipment to build solutions for modern society. These solutions in turn are leveraged by people to improve the lives of communities.

We are committed to the SDGs with a focus on ending poverty, achieving gender equality, ensuring healthy lives, and ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education.

Data for all: The nature of data allows it to be poked and prodded in such a way that it can provide answers to questions you have not even thought of.

Its nature allows everyone; businesses, government, and organizations – to read, work with it, analyze it, and argue with it. It transforms the lives of everyone who uses it.