Key points from President Tinubu’s Speech at UNGA 2023

Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu delivered an address at the 2023 General Assembly of the United Nations on September 19. While addressing world leaders, the President of the most populous black nation spoke on issues that affect African issues while calling for mutually rewarding partnerships between Africa and the global West.

He also highlighted some of his policies in his first four months in office, while pledging his dedication to improving Nigeria’s economy.

Here are some key points in his message to world leaders at the General Assembly.

1. Enhanced international cooperation to help African nations achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. He acknowledged the socio-economic challenges faced by Africa

Tinubu said, “We realize that underlying conditions and causes of the economic challenges facing today’s Africa are significantly different from those of post war Europe. We are not asking for identical programs and actions. What we seek is an equally firm commitment to partnership. We seek enhanced international cooperation with African nations to achieve the 2030 agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.”

2. Global institutions must prioritize Africa’s development. He noted that prioritizing Africa’s development is not beneficial only to Africa and Africans but also to global institutions and nations.

3. Negotiation is still ongoing with the military junta in Niger. On July 26, a military coup led by the presidential guard ousted the democratically elected president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum. The following day, General Abduorahmane Tchiani declared himself the leader of the new military government.

President Tinubu who is also the Chairman of the Economic West African States (ECOWAS) told world leaders at the UNGA that he was still negotiating with the military junta on the possibility of the restoration of democracy in the country which shares borders with Nigeria.

“Regarding Niger, we are negotiating with the military leaders. As Chairman of ECOWAS, I seek to help re-establish democratic governance in a manner that addresses the political and economic challenges confronting that nation, including the violent extremists who seek to foment instability in our region. I extend a hand of friendship to all who genuinely support this mission.”

4. African nations will fight climate change on their own terms. Tinubu argued that the campaign for the mitigation of the negative impact of climate change must accord with overall economic efforts of the continent.

5. He urged the rest of the world to “walk with us as true friends and partners. Africa is not a problem to be avoided nor is it to be pitied. Africa is nothing less than the key to the world’s future.”

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