Data Visualization, Infographics Training, Open Data


Orodata seeks to drive ingenuity, growth and innovation by engaging in associated activities; Data Visualization, Infographics Training, Open Data so as to leverage on today’s burgeoning data landscape and rich ‘ecosystem’.


– Technology Solutions

All types and sizes of governments and nonprofits can find value in our solutions to open up their data and turn it into a vital asset. They have the opportunity to open up their data, increase  transparency, improve collaboration, and maximize their impact.


– Data-driven Advocacy
Access to information has always been a challenge but the ease of understanding of available data has even posed a greater challenge, that is why at Orodata we utilize Data Visualization, Infographics Training, Open Data to make information more accessible, comprehensible, shareable and reusable. We foster civic access to information, communication, engagement so that they can make informed decisions, ask questions and hold their government accountable.


– Interactive Data Visualization And Infographics
Data is the new capital of the global economy, thus we provide interactive visualizations and infographics for government, civil society, Non-Governmental Organizations, international organizations and private institutions seeking to exploit their data for renewed growth, stronger performance and more meaningful customer or civic engagement.


– Data Visualization And Infographics Training

With millions of information being generated every minute, businesses, consumers, governments and citizens have reached a tipping point where they must embrace visual innovations and activities such as Data Visualization, Infographics Training, Open Data to change the way they make decisions as they compete. Thus we offer comprehensive trainings and capacity building programs on Data Visualization And Infographics for individuals, companies and organizations looking to upgrade the skill set and knowledge base of their employees.


– Open Data Training
Open Data is about more than government transparency and accountability. Publicly available resources have reached critical mass necessary for government and businesses in all industries to be able to seize upon the rich tapestry of Open Data and use it to improve governance, products and services. Orodata offers the most comprehensive Open Data training in Nigeria. Our interactive and practical courses are tailored to present different open data models, to suit different sectors.

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