Supporting Climate Action

Community journalists are the backbone of local news. We’re supporting them to dig deep into climate issues affecting their communities, giving a voice to those most impacted. We are amplifying these critical stories and fostering a movement for climate action from the ground up.

Video Spotlight

Flour Mills’ Unhealthy Disposal Of Industrial Waste…

November 2023

An investigative where findings revealed residents of Essien Town, Ekorinim, New Obutong, Ikot Ishie, and Diamond, among other lives of other communities, have been at risk due to liquid waste and odor emanating form a particular company for years…

Our impact on strenghtening primary health institutions

Citizens Reached16 million

16 million

Beneficiaries1.6 million

1.6 million



How neglect of the Niger Delta breeds extreme poverty, ill health among women

Sep 15, 2022

Women in Nigeria’s Niger Delta are largely fishmongers and farmers, especially those in the rural areas. The women depend on the environment for their daily needs such as water and food. But decades of oil exploration and vandalisation of oil installations by criminals have polluted the environment…

Nigeria’s oil producing communities battling poor health systems

Aug 23, 2022

“There is no working health center here to treat anyone. Those who can afford it struggle to take their people to Igbokada and some even die before getting to Ugbonla for emergency treatment. The distance between Igbokoda is too far from us,”

Mitigating the Impacts of Plastic Pollution Through an Ecosystem-Friendly Approach.

November 2023

An inbestigation into environmental plastic pollution in Marab community, Abuja, Nigeria.

Katampe – A community where potable water is scarce and residents drink from hand dug wells

July, 20, 2022

“The electricity supply in the area is epileptic, and accessing borehole water is also a bit difficult. We hope to see changes in the provision of amenities. Sometimes we have to trek for close to an hour to get water from the river…”

Each published story, had a mini-documentary and short video version for social media platforms like YouTube, and Reels leveraging the idea of #videoshorts. This idea was pivotal in the effort to strengthen health systems, reaching new audiences and advancing the evolution of storytelling.

These dynamic visual mediums offer a compelling avenue to convey the nuances of health systems, capturing the interest of diverse
audiences and facilitating a profound comprehension of the complexities at hand.

By embracing innovative narrative approaches, we broadened our reach, raised awareness, and inspired a collective determination to drive transformative progress within health systems.

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