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Frequently asked questions:

Are the published data and information fully representative?

For details on the origin and quality of a data, please reference the information box located at the left side of footer the data. This area includes all available information on the data provided by the source.

Which sources does the information come from?

You can find information about the release/publication date and the period in which the data was collected in the “Statistic Information” box below the statistic itself.

Where can I find detailed information about the data?

If you require the detailed research and evaluation on a specific subject, we can provide customized, in-depth solutions and information. We will provide you with all relevant information on that issue, as well as analysis, if possible.

Can I contribute to surveys through this website?

Similar to other editorial or scientific publications (e.g. magazines, encyclopedias, compendiums), our data is first researched, evaluated, and then prepared for release; but, unlike other traditional forms of publication, we do not provide a textual description. Instead, we reproduce the data graphically. The original source of the data is provided, as well as a direct link in the case of online sources.

Are studies evaluated first?

Yes, for all studies, the information is first evaluated before publication.

Are your data free for reuse?

Yes all researched content is freely available, and open to download and further reuse.

How often are your data updated?

For data we have published before, soon as there is an update, we get right on it to publish a new document, in most case we update the already published infographic.