Data is the new capital of the global economy, thus it has become pertinent for government, civil society, Non-Governmental Organizations, international organizations and private institutions to seek ways to exploit their data for renewed growth, stronger performance and more meaningful customer or civic engagement.




Experts now understand that for unique innovation to provide solutions to today’s challenges, new business models and strategies must be embraced to even up the playing landscape.


Ultimately, our ability and firm resolve to analyze and act on data will be the key to better policymaking… by taking action together to harness the power of data for sustainable development. — Jack Lew, United States Secretary of the Treasury

Its why our 2-day course was designed with your organization under great focus; to introduce you to power of data visualization, equip you with the skills and ability to see patterns, cause effect relationships, trends and hidden information in a pool of data so as to make actionable decisions for your organization.


In the course you will learn

⦁ An illustrated history: The best historic examples in Data Illustration
⦁ Why Data Visualization: Understanding the importance of information visualization
⦁ Patterns of visualization: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different data visualization approaches
⦁ Case studies and best use of data in visualizations
⦁ Data visualization for human perception: Understanding how people interpret different types of visual information
⦁ Three ingredients of effective data visualization: Fundamental design strategy
⦁ Do’s and don’ts of data visualization: How to Avoid the creation of misleading representations of data
⦁ Using visualization to tell stories: Leveraging visual information to find and communicate insights
⦁ Discovering and communicating hidden business insights through Fusion Charts and Infogram


Who is this for?

Startup owners, Business developers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, non-technical employees of organizations of all sizes and shapes looking to enhance their decision-making abilities while unleashing the power in their organizational data.


Course prerequisites

No previous experience of data is required, however good computer literacy and participants understanding of own organization’s needs, visions and goals.


Course requirements

A wifi-enabled laptop and note pad.


For more information, or to register your interest, click the “enroll” button. 

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