Road Traffic Crashes In 2019

In Nigeria, injuries and deaths resulting from Road Traffic Crashes are on the rise and the reported leading causative factors of these crashes were speed violation, wrongly overtaking, and dangerous driving which are majorly human factors.

Fatalities, physical disability, and deaths from road accidents principally affect the young and the economically active age groups. Survivors often endure a diminished quality of life from deformities and disabilities, and posttraumatic stress.

The rest of the populace lives in never-ending fear of traveling occasioned by not feeling safe on the roads. The overall effects of these injuries constitute social economic and psychological losses of great magnitudes.

The number of crashes between 2013 and 2019 was decreasing slightly but surged in 2019 with 11,072 crashes and 5,483 fatalities, out of which 423 were children.

This is about a 13.66% increase in crashes and a 5.83% increase in fatalities, which means about 12 people died daily in 2019 as a result of road crashes.

Commercial vehicles were the highest category of vehicles involved in road traffic crashes in 2019 and cars were highly involved. About 5,479 cars were involved in road traffic crashes in 2019 followed by motorcycles. Bicycles were the least involved.

Despite Lagos State being one of the states with the highest road crash occurrences and also the state with high traffic in Nigeria, it still recorded the highest number of driver license-produced in 2019, followed by FCT and Oyo State. The total number of licenses produced all over the country in 2019 was 791,627.

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