Through our media trainings we have equipped hundreds of reporters and news people, civil society organizations, civic tech enthusiasts, researchers, entrepreneurs, government employees and more with new age skills, tools and technology to embrace and perform optimally in their diverse fields which are constantly changing. We have gone on to prove that institutional change is possible even with the most bureaucratic and legacy institutions through year long training programs built on tools, technology, flexibility, trust and a lot of patience.

Our Courses

Data Journalism

Creating and telling impactful stories with numerical data as a focal point

Digital Storytelling

Creating and telling engaging stories through video story telling

Advocacy Journalism

Telling stories in ways that illuminate communal issues while holding government to account

Crisis and Conflict Reporting Using Data Visualization

Exploring tools, technology and methodology of reporting conflicts using visualizing

Information Presentation and Report Design

Learn tools and techniques of presenting information visually, building awesome layout design and templates

Civil Society Media Training

Equipping NGOs and the civic space with new media skills and tools

Our other courses include, Data Visualization and Graphical Discovery Analysis, Social Media Analytics, AI in Journalism, Combating Fake News, Investigative Reporting and Data Design. These courses are immersive, hands-on, and are tailored based on organization’s specific needs and knowledge requirements.