Covid-19: Nigeria Among The Top Five Sub-Saharan African Countries

Before any coronavirus cases were recorded in Nigeria, the majority of the citizens in the country never believed the virus as something serious. Even when cases were discovered, a lot of people still didn’t take it seriously. Various comments were “it is a rich man disease”, “the government only wanted to use the situation to amass funds from the international space”, etc as people had no trust in the government.

This virus can be transmitted through droplets from an infected person through sneezing and coughing and congested areas needed to be avoided, but markets were still pretty much filled before the government decided to lock down the country, as the virus did not seem real to them.

As of December 1, 2020, Nigeria was one of the five countries with the highest cases so far in sub-Saharan Africa. The countries are South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, these five countries make up 77.4% of cumulative confirmed cases in sub-Saharan Africa while Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ghana make up 63.2% of cumulative confirmed cases in West Africa

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