Governments, companies, NGOs and individuals need good data to know where problems are, how to fix them, and if the solutions are working. They need to be able to access and harness the hidden insights in their data.


While many organizations understand this and try to embrace the data revolution, they are faced with an overwhelming amount of data, which they lack the skills and willingness to understand, communicate and utilize due to its the bogus nature.


For this we created this intensive and interactive 3-day course for top organizations and businesses looking to unearth the power in their data whether for reasons of convenience, cost, or corruption, market insights, important decisions about how money and resources are allocated to services.


In the course you will learn

⦁ An illustrated history: The best historic examples in Data Illustration
⦁ Why Data Visualization: Understanding the importance of information visualization
⦁ Patterns of visualization: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different data visualization approaches
⦁ Case studies and best use of data in visualizations
⦁ Big Data, concepts, methodologies. Big data visualization for human perception
⦁ Data visualization for human perception: Understanding how people interpret different types of visual information
⦁ Three ingredients of effective data visualization: Fundamental design strategy
⦁ Do’s and don’ts of data visualization: How to Avoid the creation of misleading representations of data
⦁ Using visualization to tell stories: Leveraging visual information to find and communicate insights
⦁ Clarity and aesthetics: Leveraging data visualization and design principles to connect with your audience
⦁ The 7-step design process: Communicating with data + design
⦁ Discovering and communicating hidden business insights through Infogram and Canva


Who is this for?

Public, private and third sectors, managers, technologists, all data roles, directors, entrepreneurs, non-technical employees of organizations of all sizes and shapes looking to enhance their decision-making abilities while unleashing the power in their organizational data.


Course prerequisites

Previous experience of data gathering and collation is required, more importantly basic knowledge of MS Office is required plus participants understanding of own organization’s needs, visions and goals.


Course requirements

A wifi-enabled laptop and note pad.


For more information, or to register your interest, click the “ENROLL” button. 

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