Our two-day training which includes a Train the Trainer package aims to equip you with a knowledge and understanding of data visualization principles, graphical discovery methodologies and how both applies when working on the Sustainable Development Goals data. You will learn to create and properly communicate with visualizations using SDGS datasets.


This is perfect for organizations working on meeting up the Sustainable Development Goals and look to teach groups, communities about communicating and making sdgsdata sets available in formats for easy consumption, and informed decisions making. The course will give you good training skills and develop the way you teach data visualization, communication and advocacy.


The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data supports data-driven decision-making by initiating more open, new, and usable data to help end extreme poverty, combat climate change, and ensure a healthy life for all.


“To achieve the full potential of data-driven development, it will be necessary for all stakeholders – government, the private sector, development organizations, and the public – to work in coordination to bridge these gaps.”
William Samoei Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya


Our Train the Trainer sessions will include:

  • Introduction to Data Visualization and Infographics
  • Tracking and communicating SDGs data using visualizations and graphical discovery analysis
  • Creating an interactive training course on data visualization
  • Competencies to take you from being a good trainer to a great trainer
  • Building on data visualization case studies
  • Connecting data visualization to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals using examples
  • Peer-to-peer learning and assessment
  • Strategies for your long-term personal development as a trainer


For more information about this course, or to register your interest, please contact info@orodataviz.com.