With our learning programs, individuals learn important skills of design thinking, data gathering and analysis, while leveraging simple and complex analytics tools to make meaning out of data and solve complex problems. Our students learn to turn data or information into insights to enhance reporting and program design, improve operational efficiency and reporting. Data science backgrounds are not a pre-requisite.

Basic – Introduction To Data Illustration

This 1-day course covers an introduction to data drawing or illustration, chart types and designing good looking visualizations or infographics.

Standard – Discovering Hidden Insights

A 2-day course designed to introduce you to infographics patterns, cause effect relationships, trends and hidden information in a pool of data.

Enterprise – Advanced Visualization

An intensive, interactive and hands-on 3-day course on tools for visualization, while working with real data and exploring case studies.

Easily Become a Master in Data Design and Manipulation

We customize the training materials/program to your use cases and data

Our trainers and instructors have over 1,000 hours of physical training under their belt

We follow up on our students, track their progress and provide post training support

Quickly see a 200% Return on Your Investment

See data gathering and analysis from a whole new perspective, find meaning in data

Turn data and information gleaned from documents into insights, enhance reporting and program design

Build dashboards, increase operational efficiency and reporting while solving complex everyday challenges