Apply to The Future of Work Re-skilling and Retraining Classes 1.0

The nature of work as we know it today is rapidly changing. As technology progresses rapidly, opportunities to boost productivity and create flexible working conditions that suit workers in all places, fields – from cities to rural areas are born. However, there are huge uncertainties; What kind of jobs will be created? Where? Will automation override existing jobs? What kind of skills will be needed?

Technology we all agree will increase productivity for many jobs, but some groups may be stuck in unemployment, low-wage jobs, non-standard work or excluded totally from the job market. Between 2000 and 2008, of the 73 million jobs created, only 22 percent were filled by youth. It is estimated that the rate of unemployment among youth will double that of adults in most African countries.

To address this issues and concerns, Orodata Science and Civic Tech through its learning arm – Orodata Learn, taking account of new occupational data and geographical distribution of jobs at risk, designed ‘The Future of Work Classes’ (TFWC). TFWC is a community-focused retraining and re-skilling program with the aim of transferring knowledge through talent and skill development, to help facilitate a smooth transition of people from all works of life towards an increasingly automated and digitized future.

The application for the first installment, The Future of Work Classes (TFWC) 1.0 tagged “Journalism AI, Storytelling and Content” is now open, and media practitioners, storytellers and content creators are enjoined to apply to be part of it. 


At the end of TFWC 1.0, participants would be well aligned with the knowledge of skills and tools demanded by employers and the optimal utilization of those competences in the workplace. TFWC classes looks to cover other verticals such as Big Data, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Based Communication, Robotics, Computer Vision and more.


This first installment, The Future of Work Classes (TFWC) 1.0 tagged “Journalism AI, Storytelling and Content” is open to journalists and media practitioners, storytellers and content creators.

Apply by clicking here.

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