Solution Story Grants

Project status
Completed 100%

Why we embarked n the project

The lack of oversight frameworks have continuosly marred the effective delivery of institutional projects at community levels, especially in a time of a pandemic. The resultant effects include abandoned projects, diverted project funds and resources into pockets of politicians and their cronies, strained ammenities due to insufficiency of existing ones. and racketeering of resources meant for citizens which stifles access.

Our strategy and process

We announced a call for proposals to independent media and citizen journalists, prioritizing issues on transparency and accountability, health and Covid19. Selected grantees were supported with reporting grants.

Outcomes and learnings

10 investigations were published, with one of them winning an award. Independent media and Civic actors face operational constraints including lack of access to digital tools, inability to analyze fiscal information, and an overall weakened morale. To hold the government to account, improve access to information, curb misinformation and deliver justice, community-based actors; journalists, civic actors, and platforms must be provided with education, digital tools, and resources to enable them continuously gather evidence of corruption and mobilize the public to voice their dissent.

Project partners

Self funded