Data is is the new oil due to the immense intelligence it embodies. In today’s’ burgeoning data ecosystem, organisations have come to desire leaders with strategic foresight.


Its why this training was developed to introduce you to power of data visualization so as to equip you with the skills and ability to see patterns, cause effect relationships, trends and hidden information in a pool of data so as to make actionable decisions for your organization.




This 1-day course covers an introduction to data illustration, chart types and designing good looking visualizations.

In this course you will learn;

⦁ An illustrated history: The best historic examples in Data Illustration
⦁ Why Data Visualization: Understanding the importance of information visualization
⦁ Patterns of visualization: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different data visualization approaches
⦁ Case studies and best use of data in visualizations
⦁ Basic tools used visualizing data

Who is this for?

Managers, non-technical employees of organizations of all sizes and shapes looking to enhance their decision-making abilities while unleashing the power in their organizational data.

Course prerequisites

No previous experience of data is required, however good computer literacy and participants understanding of own organization’s needs, visions and goals.

Course requirements

A wifi-enabled laptop and note pad.

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