Organizations today face a distinct challenge when it comes to organizing and properly representing their data for easy consumption. Since 2014, Orodata has helped lots of organizations maximize the value of their data and realize their goals through graphical interpretations and data democratization.

Data visualization and graphical representations has become a key concern for business intelligence and data analysis professionals because it affects how data is provisioned for users and the value they gain from it. Orodata converges with organizations whether in simplifying reports, building data democratizing solutions, community projects or advocacy programs leveraging best practices to deliver quality results and success.


Our interactive visualization products or media which include White board animations, Explainer videos, Interactive infographics and Animations informs and fascinates your audience. They ensure that your data is stunning, engaging and is shared across multiple social media platforms.



Our static visualization products which include Infographics, Visual reports and representations, and illustrations simplifies data, making it concise and attention holding. Your audience enjoys information in colorful and interesting designs which educates, delights, and converts. They also ensure that your information is shared across multiple social media platforms.



Our educational products (courses) which includes in-depth training, workshops and seminars on data discovery, data visualization, data democratization, related technologies and methods for analysis is dedicated to
educating business and information technology professionals, enthusiasts and non-technical users about the best practices, strategies, techniques, and tools required to successfully simplify, crunch and design visual representations so as to maximize the value of their data.



Our Software-as-a-service products and cloud-based solutions allows organizations put their data online to make it accessible to internal staff privately or to engage citizens publicly so that they are able to gain insights, monitor performance, track progress towards optimum performance, delivery and informed decisions.


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